Meyer & Nouzha ECHR Lawyers

ECHR (copyright Richard Rogers Partnership Ltd)
ECHR (copyright Richard Rogers Partnership Ltd)

Our law firm based in Strasbourg focuses both on french civil and business law, practicing either on representing large business interests or on representing plaintiffs, especially in the following matters.



Human rights litigation,

We have a significant practice in human rights litigation, a natural outgrowth to our academic experience. Therefore we established our firm at close range of the European Court of Human Rights


Meyer & Nouzha Civil Litigation Skills

Divorce and alimony,

Our law firm provides divorce and alimony legal services when divorcing is about obtaining legal rights to own a portion of the marital property, receive or pay money to assist in the care of children, or live with or visit minor children.



Business disputes,

Meyer & Nouzha law firm in Strasbourg provides clients with effective representation by experienced lawyers. We represent clients in many different industries in prosecuting and defending claims in a wide variety of complex business disputes, including claims made for breach of contract, as well as business tort and intellecutal property claims.



Employment litigation,

We have enjoyed some success representing both employers and employees in a broad range of employment discrimination actions and wrongful termination claims.



Housing and real estate,

Our practice in this area focuses on providing legal assistance to buyers, sellers and real estate agent when it comes to constuction and design defects. The investigation and litigation of such claims is a highly specialized and expert-intensive area of the law.



Trademark and copyrigth,

Our lawyers have substantial experience litigating cutting-edge intellectual property cases, wich requires substantive knowledge of the relevant body of law, together with strong litigation skil.