ECHR skills

A law firm with tradition of individual academic excellence, responsibility and versatility in problem solving.



Although any individual may bring himself his own case to the European Court of Human Rights, the practical knowledge and skills of a our lawyers will significantly increase the chances of a case to be heard by the European Court of Human Rights


Both teaching and practicing effective protection of individual rights lies at the very heart of our firm.


Therefore, Meyer & Nouzha Law Firm maintains close links between legal profession and academic world : every member of our staff is actualy teaching, or has tought, in University, wether in France or Great Britain.


So we have significant practical experience of conducting Human Right cases before both national and European courts, dealing with individual liberties as well as protection of business or property rights.


We also hold a strong tradition of training on the ECHR and mooting, especialy with the famous LLM Program in Human Rights of the University of Strasbourg, wich delivers Master Law degrees to the European Court lawyers themself.


Thus, for several years, staff members of the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights took part in simulated ECHR proceedings under the supervision of our lawyers, especially for oral argument.