ECHR (copyright Richard Rogers Partnership Ltd)
ECHR (copyright Richard Rogers Partnership Ltd)


The Court's Press Service has compiled Factsheets by theme on the Court’s case-law and pending cases.


These factsheets are available on the Court's website on the following themes :


  1. Case-law concerning the European Union
  2. Child protection
  3. Data protection (English version in progress)
  4. Detention and Mental Health
  5. Detention conditions and treatment of prisoners
  6. Dublin cases
  7. The environment
  8. Expulsions and extraditions
  9. Forced labour and trafficking
  10. Homosexual rights
  11. Homosexuality: criminal aspects
  12. Mental Health
  13. Police arrest / assistance of a lawyer
  14. Prisoners health rights
  15. Reproductive Rights
  16. Roma and Travellers
  17. Terrorism.


We summarized some of them for our readers and recommend to visit the Court's website on these topics.