Meyer & Nouzha ECHR Lawyers in Strasbourg

Our law firm based in Strasbourg focuses on Human rights litigation.

Our extensive experience in human rights litigation, is a natural consequence of our academic experience.

Consequently, we have established our firm in close proximity to the European Court of Human Rights.



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Who are we ?

A law firm dealing with ECHR cases, in Strasbourg

Meyer & Nouzha has extensive experience and recognised expertise in defending fundamental rights and individual freedoms before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

We are the only law firm specialising solely in the ECHR and international human rights law. No other law firm can boast such a degree of specialisation.

Our field of activity: the ECHR

We guide our clients through a rigorous process, implementing appropriate legal strategies to effectively defend their rights.

Call on our specialist lawyers for competent legal assistance and personalised support.

Our lawyers before the European Court of Human Rights offer the highest possible level of expertise in the field of human rights.

Located just a stone’s throw from the ECHR in Strasbourg, our law firm deals on a daily basis with the ECHR or with issues relating to the European Convention on Human Rights.

Our team

Lawyers who are true specialists in international human rights law

Selecting a specialist lawyer is a pivotal step in guaranteeing the success of your case.

When selecting legal counsel, it is essential to ascertain their experience and expertise in the field of human rights, as well as their comprehensive understanding of international law and ECHR procedures.



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Choose a lawyer who can offer you personalised support, who will listen to you, understand your needs and devise a legal strategy tailored to your situation.

Our human-sized firm is always available for its clients, and combines these essential qualities to offer you responsive, competent and effective legal assistance.

Lawyers recognised for their effectiveness.

Over many years, our ECHR lawyers have developed unrivalled expertise in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights.

Our human rights lawyers act against Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Spain, and have won cases against Luxembourg, Russia, Armenia and Macedonia…

Our law firm is an essential point of reference for all questions relating to proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights.

We are one of the only French law firms to have won a case before the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (since 2015, there have only been 2).

We are one of the few French law firms to regularly have France condemned by the European Court of Human Rights.

We are one of the only law firms to have succeeded in having Monaco condemned by the ECHR (there have only been 3).

Do you really need a lawyer to refer a case to the ECHR?

While not mandatory, we highly recommend engaging the services of a lawyer.

It is always better to choose a specialist lawyer, even if legal representation is not compulsory before the ECHR.

In principle, anyone can bring a case before the ECHR; you do not need to be a lawyer to lodge an application with the European Court of Human Rights, nor do you need to go through a lawyer to send a complaint to the ECHR.

But the procedure at the ECHR has become so complex that it is difficult and even dangerous to do without a lawyer.

We recommend that you use a lawyer who specialises in proceedings before the ECHR, because this is a tricky procedure and many lawyers who do not specialise in the ECHR regularly experience this.

It is preferable to choose a Strasbourg lawyer, who will be less expensive than a Parisian colleague.

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Which lawyers should you choose to take your case to the European Court of Human Rights?

Choosing lawyers who regularly appear before the ECHR is the most sensible choice.

The most experienced, competent and inexpensive lawyers you can find are available at our firm.

Our lawyers are top-level professionals recognised for their competence, and all hold a doctorate in law.

Only a very small number of lawyers in Europe can boast the same level of experience.

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What are the correct procedures for initiating proceedings before the ECHR?

The 3 reasons why you should always start by consulting a human rights lawyer

Contacting lawyers specialising in the European Court of Human Rights is the first thing to do before bringing a case before the ECHR, for three reasons:


First and foremost, assess the chances of success and the risks of inadmissibility of the application


Estimate the cost of ECHR proceedings as accurately as possible


To explain, reassure and guide you towards the best procedure for your case.

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Then, if you want a case to be registered with the European Court of Human Rights on your behalf, you can either :

But you’ll be able to do so with complete peace of mind, because you’ll have obtained precise information from a specialist professional beforehand.

Everything you need to know about the ECHR and its procedures

Find all the information you need to understand the ECHR and the procedures for bringing cases before it.

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